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Dianne Bone

Accounts Administrator


Di is the Property Manager for Ray White 100% Property Management based in Hokitika. Di has good robust experience working with landlords and tenants and is focused on providing the best possible service. Di is back in Hokitika after 25 years in Christchurch and her husband is a West Coaster so there are no plans to move away, being well settled with a wee home out towards Lake Kaniere, several sheep and two cats. 

Di's experience has been in customer service, administration including auditing, social work and tenancy management. These areas often intertwine and work well together. They have provided Di with the ability to understand the differing needs of her client base and work in a pro active timely way to ensure everyone has a great outcome. Di loves working with people and the local community, and knowing how the community works is important to her role. When Di isn't working she is often gardening, and enjoying the rewards of the veges, spending time exploring the Coast  and just relaxing with a good book courtesy of the amazing local library.