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About Us

Our Values

Marketing your property

We have a constant stream of potential tenants we can show you now, or we use proven marketing strategies to reach the right tenants.

Getting the right tenants

Once we have a strong pool of candidates to choose from, we draw on stringent tenant vetting processes.
This includes credit checks, tenant reviews and tribunal results and orders, screening news stories, looking at criminal history through court judgement and police checks, employment checks, previous landlord checks and more.

Ensuring increasing returns

Once tenants are in, we review rents annually. An average increase is about five to ten percent at a time, and we commit to doing them once a year on your property so we are staying in line with the overall market trend. This means your returns are constantly improving.

Dealing with arrears

We have a strict policy in place around rent arrears and procedures for dealing with them that generally reaches a resolution and payment before Tenancy Tribunal proceedings.

Comprehensive inspections

Prior to the tenancy commencing, we do a thorough inspection of the property, which normally takes a couple of hours and is accompanied by up to 200 photos. Quarterly inspections are also accompanied by up to 100 photos and compared to the initial report.


We have a database of efficient and cost-effective contractors to deal with issues that arise, and we also advise on any preventative maintenance in order to stop small issues becoming large and expensive ones.

Payments and reporting

Payments are made to owners twice monthly and we provide monthly financial reports with easy-to-read statements, as well as an end-of-financial-year summary to make accounting easy.